Landmark, the Fields of Landscape Photography


Some of my work is featured in the book Landmark, the Fields of Landscape Photography.
This book is an international survey on contemporary landscape photography, edited by William A. Ewing.
Ewing has selected more than 230 photographs by over 100 photographers. The book is organized into ten themes: Sublime; Pastoral; Artefacts; Rupture; Playground; Scar; Control; Enigma; Hallucination; and Reverie. It won’t come as a surprise that my work is part of the Control-chapter. In this theme it is accompanied by the works of Axel Hutte, Alex MacLean, Mishka Henner, Andreas Gefeller and Stephane Couturier a.o.

As an introduction to the book, on page 2 and 3, you can find Contact Sheet #1 (source)  accompanied by Arthur Schopenhauer’s quote:  “Every man takes the limits of his own  vision for the limits of the world”


The book is published by Thames & Hudson, London.
For more information and reviews check Thames & Hudson


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  1. Roosmarijn Pallandt


    leuk zeg

    snel koffie

    terug van 5 weken Japan


    send with that phone

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