Google Mapping, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

The invitation for the upcoming exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. CROPS and a new film called Playground, again with a soundtrack by Michel Banabila, will be shown in combination with Hans Gremmen’s route 66 “roadmovie” The Mother Road.

The computer connects us to locations almost anywhere in the world. Digitalization and navigation by satellite enable us to visualize these locations clearly within only a few mouse clicks. Routes can be studied and photos of travel destinations can be viewed.

The Google Mapping presentation demonstrates how graphic designer Hans Gremmen (Langenboom, 1976) and artist Gerco de Ruijter (Vianen, 1961) make use of these media, which are accessible to everyone. Each of them applies the available potential in a completely individual way to represent icons from American culture.

The Mother Road (2010-2011) by Hans Gremmen is a virtual journey along the legendary Route 66. Photos borrowed from Google Streetview bring a journey over this highway in the USA to life. Route 66 is the road that connects east and west in the United States. Hans Gremmen edited the photos from Google Streetview as if they were film stills, putting them in sequence. The result gives the illusion of a travelogue filmed from a moving car.
Gerco de Ruijter’s CROPS (2012) is a video collage compiled from photos of irrigation systems in the USA that he gathered from Google Earth. It is a collection of almost abstract images that evoke new associations through the style of montage. It is as if the hands of a clock are illustrating the passage of time, or as if you are looking at the start-up strip of an old celluloid film: it is abstract and realistic at the same time. In a rather similar approach, De Ruijter collected images of American Football fields and placed them in sequence to create the projection entitled Playground (2014). The result is fascinating: various representations suddenly loom up from an abstract series of pictures of field lines with identical measurements. They are symbols of diverse sports clubs that are unmistakably American.


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