Found footage (or a way to enter someone’s life)

On march 31 I did an experiment in Den Bosch.
From the St. John’s Cathedrale 4 analog camera’s were released hanging from balloons. These camera’s were controlled by interval timers, set to take pictures every 1 or 10 minutes.
The cameras were bought after some research on Marktplaats: Rollei and Samsung did have models with built-in interval timers. Turning on this feature and you’re camera starts shooting till it reaches the end of the film.

One of the cameras was found near Aachen and send back to me with the attached envelope.

Apparently I had this camera set at a 10 minutes interval:
The camera quickly ascended, the first picture was taken inside a cloud.
Beyond that the camera is above the clouds: the sun is shining on the red fluttering strings, remnants of a broken balloon. (the camera was hanging by 4 of these red balloons)

The number of broken balloons is increasing …
On frame # 10 you can see the edge of a village and some farmers-fields. I am still trying to locate this village in google earth on the route Den Bosch-Aachen.

This is followed by two shots of almost the same surface. (Maybe the camera is hanging in a tree?)
Then we see the head of someone who is probably the finder and, after a black frame, the interior of a house.
Finally we see a portrait of a woman. She might have turned off the camera…


Een Reactie op “Found footage (or a way to enter someone’s life)

  1. Aart-Jan van Broekhuizen

    Wat leuk Gerco, wat een fascinerende serie!

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