Boeren / Farming folk

Boeren / Avonturen op het land: uitnodiging voor de tentoonstelling in het Fotomuseum Den Haag                                                                                                      Farming folk / Adventures in the Countryside: invitation for the exhibition in the Museum of Photography, The Hague

Uitnodiging Boeren






Trying to let go


Cranmer Grass Farming Wichita

Cranmar Grass Farming

Selfportrait at a center pivot irrigation system owned by Cranmer Grass Farming. Spinning like a humming top.


Top soil


Tailgating in the Flint Hills near Matfield Green.


Bisti Wilderness

Driving through Navaho land from Farmington to Crownpoint on highway 371 you can find the Bisti Wilderness on the eastside of the road. Usually there is only one other car parked at the entrance.

I have been to this place several times before, trying to fly a kite in almost windless conditions. To my big surprise it was windy these past days and I could walk my kite and camera deep into the “Wilderness”.

Bisti Badlands 19-08-2015

It is a landscape in debris: all kinds of colorfull stones and sediments mingle in time through water and wind erosion. It is a fantastic display of geological forces.

Bisti Kite