Look Around lV

Plompe Toren small

Here we are at de Plompe Toren, the remnants of the Koudekerke city church, west of Schelphoek. There is a beautiful viewpoint (with telescope!) at the top of the church. For more information Plompe Toren.

Look Around lll

Heerenkeet small

Here we are at de “Heerenkeet”, one step closer to Zierikzee. I like the lay-out of the harbour in this image: it looks like it is hugging the sea.

Look Around ll

Schelphoek Oost klein

Here is an other marble in the Oosterschelde chain. This one was made on the east side of Schelphoek.
I will try to connect all these bubbles and cover the Oosterschelde dike from Bruinisse up to Westenschouwen.


Look Around

Schelphoek fullres knikker klein

In order to create a virtual panorama I am using a 180 degree fish-eye lens on a digital camera. I take one shot down from the kite and an other shot from the sky while standing on the ground. Sky and landscape are combined to create the 360 degree “bubble” panorama.
This one down was made at the border of the Oosterschelde near Schelphoek. The transparency and sunreflections on the water makes it look like a glass marble.



Voor het project “Balanceren tussen Zoet en Zout” probeer ik de harde kustlijn van de Oosterschelde op een nieuwe, verrassende en verhelderende manier vast te leggen.
In samenwerking met augmented reality expert Sander Veenhof uit Amsterdam maakte ik een aantal proefopnamen met een fish-eye op 80 meter hoogte boven de Plompe Toren bij Burghsluis.
Deze opnamen werden bewerkt zodat er een 360 graden panorama is ontstaan. Met een kartonnen poor man’s oculus rift is het mogelijk om in dit panorama rond te dwalen.
Op 27 en 28 december a.s. kan je dit zelf komen bekijken op de jaar afsluiting van “Balanceren tussen Zoet en Zout” in de Bewaerschole in Burgh-Haamstede.


My Little Pivot

Pivot 02

On Ebay I have ordered a set of 1/64 scale model pivots.

On the box it says:

Pivot irrigation allows farmers around the world to grow more food using less resources. In 1954, Robert B. Daugherty, founder of Valley Manufacturing Co., acquired patented manufacturing and sales rights for a self-propelled irrigation system from farmer Frank Zybach. Since then, Valmont has grown to become the largest manufacturer of center pivots in the world, irrigating about 17 million acres (6,9 million hectares)

Pivot 01

With this scale model pivot I will try to grow one square meter of cress in my studio.

Landmark, the Fields of Landscape Photography


Some of my work is featured in the book Landmark, the Fields of Landscape Photography.
This book is an international survey on contemporary landscape photography, edited by William A. Ewing.
Ewing has selected more than 230 photographs by over 100 photographers. The book is organized into ten themes: Sublime; Pastoral; Artefacts; Rupture; Playground; Scar; Control; Enigma; Hallucination; and Reverie. It won’t come as a surprise that my work is part of the Control-chapter. In this theme it is accompanied by the works of Axel Hutte, Alex MacLean, Mishka Henner, Andreas Gefeller and Stephane Couturier a.o.

As an introduction to the book, on page 2 and 3, you can find Contact Sheet #1 (source) ¬†accompanied by Arthur Schopenhauer’s quote: ¬†“Every man takes the limits of his own ¬†vision for the limits of the world”


The book is published by Thames & Hudson, London.
For more information and reviews check Thames & Hudson