Grid Correction East Parallel Road II

Grid Correction Sign

Grid Correction 2672015

Grid Corrections

Installation view

Grid Corrections installation view at the Ulrich Museum of Art

Grid Correction

Grid Correction

Grid Correction East Parallel Road

With a strong wind, coming in from the south I have tried to capture a fish-eye view on one of the grid corrections at the East Parallel road, somewhere halfway between Wichita and Hutchinson.
You can see me as a yellow dot, holding the kiteline on the vertical road, in front of the white car. That road continues on the rightside of the picture. Pretty green out there after last weeks rain.

East Parallel Road

Kansas Counties

The Grid does not care about streams, ditches, forests and hills. It is forced upon the land as if they were using laserbeams.
Way up in the outer North East part of Kansas some natural borders can be found: it’s where the Missouri and the Kansas River flows.

In this graphic you can also see some grid corrections, they appear like hitches in the North-South lines.

Kansasgrid small

On the Grid

With the aid of a detailed Wichita citymap I found my first grid corrections today. I found them just outside Wichita near a small suburb called Kechi. The one in the photos is on 77 North and has a small deviation so I might be able to catch it in an aerial shot with my kite. Going further to the East the deviations are getting larger after each mile.
It’s not my first time to be overwhelmed by the scale of this land.

Clockwise starting top-left: looking South, West, North and East.


Woodlawn / 77 North

Look Around lV

Plompe Toren small

Here we are at de Plompe Toren, the remnants of the Koudekerke city church, west of Schelphoek. There is a beautiful viewpoint (with telescope!) at the top of the church. For more information Plompe Toren.